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JBRAVE comes from her bravery and resilience. With a passion for people, nature, beauty and education, she discovered her mission is to inspire others.

JBRAVE’s Beauty & Spa collection reflects the beauty of the simplicity through self-care rituals with products designed for all steps of your skincare routine.

Products made with natural ingredients and providing an unforgettable and unique experience.

All our products are natural and cruelty free. All our packaging is eco-friendly and plastic-free.

Most importantly, our products are an invitation for you to slow down, reflect, unplug, unwind, and relax.

Natural Products

JBRAVE products are natural and cruelty free.

Eco Friendly

We care about the planet because our planet urges for attention.

Sustainable Packing

All our packaging is eco-friendly and plastic-free.


We care about Sustainability, Women Empowerment & Resilience.

What sets us apart?

We celebrate life in a very authentic way because we really care about people and their well-being.

Our main goal is to deliver not just products but wellness experiences that will help you to “make a pause”, to enhance your mind, body and soul without damaging our planet. Everything is interconnected, right?

Every handmade soap of our collection is unique just like you!

To know ourselves is one of the most difficult things ever. Our brand is an invitation for an “environmental mindset”, “self-knowledge”, “self-awareness” and “self-healing” through nature and technology.

Also, it is a call to unplug and unwind to find healing from your own strength. Earth, water, and botanicals are united in the same ambience.

Now more than ever, we need to live in the present. Taking an energizing morning bath before you start your day or a relaxing night bath after a long day will help you recharge your energy and connect you to your inner peace and well-being.

The power of our lives is in our essence and the way we celebrate our lives.

You can start doing that by creating your very own self-care ritual with products made and thought by JBRAVE.

Life is a beautiful ride so, love yourself, allow yourself to restart. Look for progression not perfection. Make peace with yourself first in order to be able to make peace with others! Learn from your mistakes! Take it easy! Be brave! Be happy!

Changing for Natural Skin Products

You know, the skin is the largest organ in our body, tasked with protecting our delicate insides from outside elements. It is also highly absorbent, making it a significant gateway into the bloodstream.

The lotions, scrubs, soaps, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, among others that we expose ourselves to daily, may contain “bad stuff” so, allow yourself to use natural products instead of the chemical ones and take care of our planet. 

Make this change in your life! Impact the lives of the next generation!


Now, let´s talk about our products?

Our Collections

Our products made with natural ingredients and providing an unforgettable and unique experience.



Our products are handcrafted, affordable and designed to give you a wonderful bath-time experience.

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Face & Body Essentials

Ours products made with natural ingredients and providing an unforgettable and unique experience.

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Our products bars are for all types of hair and carefully handcrafted in the USA, made from natural, organic and vegan ingredients

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